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About Us

The Heppner Soil Conservation District was established in August, 1941 and the Boardman Soil Conservation District was formed May of 1947 to meet the soil conservation needs of county farmers.  In December of 1972 the Boardman and Heppner Districts were combined to form the Morrow Soil & Water Conservation District which conforms to the boundaries of Morrow County.

The Morrow SWCD board also acts as the Morrow County Weed Advisory Board to advise Morrow County Court on the operation of the County Weed Control District.

The board is the Local Management Agency (LMA) assisting the Oregon Department of Agriculture to implement the Willow Creek Watershed Ag Water Quality Management Plan for Morrow County in compliance with the 1972 Clean Water Act.

The Morrow SWCD cooperates with local, state and federal agencies to provide technical assistance to our cooperators.  We also collect available technical, financial and educational resources from various sources to meet the needs and objectives of the local land user.